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Water and Sewer Line Thawing

Keep Your Home Protected

The brutal winters in the Midwest can often lead to your pipes freezing over; therefore, requiring line thawing services. Using the latest tools and most advanced technology, we can quickly and effectively thaw frozen pipes. In addition, our dedicated team of professionals will minimize the risk of damage and restore the flow of water in no time.

At Skooters Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, we specialize in providing water line thawing services for everything from mobile homes to commercial buildings. We will handle the unique challenges presented by different types of structures. Our detailed process ensures efficient and effective thawing solutions regardless of the scale or complexity of the project.

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Emergency Plumbing Repairs

A burst pipe can release hundreds of gallons of water per hour into your home; therefore, causing immense devastation. Make sure to have your pipes thawed after a cold snap in order to avoid costly repairs and the risk of extensive damage. However, if your pipes have already burst, call for 24-hour emergency plumbing from Skooters Plumbing & Drain Cleaning today at 701.799.4357.

Water Main Pipe Burst

Signs of a Frozen Water Line

It is extremely important to pay attention to signs of frozen pipes.

To avoid plumbing emergencies, make sure to look out for these signs:
  • No water or a slight trickle – Pipes leading to your faucet may be frozen, causing the issue. If your entire home is without water, an underground water line may be frozen.
  • Unusual sounds or odors – When you run your faucet or attempt to flush your toilet, the air that can’t escape frozen draining pipes will create a bubbling noise and/or a strong odor.
  • Frost on the pipes – If you see frost forming on any of your pipes, call Skooters Plumbing immediately.

Keep an eye out for these signs to avoid devastating damages to your home. Your home’s safety is our priority. In order to ensure your pipes are operating correctly, and aren’t at risk of bursting, call Skooters Plumbing & Drain Cleaning today for line thawing services.

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