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Professional Sewer Services

Solving Sewer Line Problems

Skooters Plumbing has been in business since 2005, and over that time, we’ve seen many reasons for developing problems with your sewer lines. Some of the most common issues that we’ve encountered over the years include:

  • Old pipes – Just like everything else in your home, your sewer lines wear over time and can become corroded, causing disintegration.
  • Tree roots – We recommend that you plant trees far away from your sewer lines. Plant roots will always seek out water, even if it means busting a pipe to find it. Once roots infiltrate your sewer lines, repair becomes complicated.
  • Temperature changes – Extreme changes in temperature can cause ground shifts, which may result in ruptured sewer lines.
Avoid these problems with regular sewer line maintenance and inspections from Skooters Plumbing. We provide these services, along with sewer line replacement services, using trenchless technology. Call us today at 701-799-4357 to schedule service.
Sewer Plumbing Services

Sewer Replacements

Using the latest, most advanced trenchless technology on the market, Skooters Plumbing offers professional, hassle-free sewer replacement services. If you notice any of the following issues, it may be time for your sewer system to be replaced:

  • A gurgling sound from pipes – This is usually a sign of damaged pipes.
  • Water not draining – Standing or slow-draining water can be indicative of a clog or other major issue in your piping.
  • Backflow of debris – If you’ve noticed pieces of branches or dirt coming out of your drain, your sewer lines have likely been compromised by a root system. This problem needs to be looked at as soon as possible to save you from a disaster.
It’s important to have your sewer systems looked at immediately if you notice these symptoms. Allowing them to slowly get worse can cause the problems to multiply, increasing the complexity and cost of repairs.

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